Visiting the Sins of the Fathers on the Rest of Us

Aboriginal children are committing suicide at a shocking rate. Some 18,000 Australian children under 12 are homeless on any given night. Two-thirds of Australian teachers report having children come to school hungry or without having eaten breakfast.

But those innocent Australian kids would be overjoyed to have even a tenth of the money and attention lavished on them as the handful of former Islamic state youth being secretly brought to Australia.

State authorities in Victoria and NSW are preparing to reintegrate eight Australian orphans evacuated from the Syrian conflict zone in a secret operation organised by the Australian government.

Officers from the education, health and community services departments of NSW and Victoria, along with senior members of the state’s police force, have been working for months on a management plan to resettle the children.

A couple of things to keep in mind: they’re orphans because their parents were fighters for the cause of one of the most mediaevally brutal regimes of modern history. Some of these “children” are in their late teens and are producing their own bouncing baby jihadis. They grew up in households staffed with Yezidi sex slaves. Some of them cheerfully posed for family happy-snaps with severed human heads.

The Australian revealed today that eight Australian children, including the offspring of notorious Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf, have been evacuated from a Syrian refugee camp in a highly secret ­operation.

In what amounts to the first ­organised return of Australians from the conflict zone, the children were collected by staff from a local aid agency, and driven overland into a coalition-controlled area of Iraq. The Australian has been asked to withhold the exact location of the children’s final destination for security reasons…In all cases, authorities are anticipating the children will need high level, ongoing medical, psychological and possibly financial support.

All paid for by the Australians their family rejected in favour of a regime marked by unprecedented cruelty and barbarity.

One of the Sharrouf children, 17-year-old Hoda Sharrouf, was reportedly wounded by gunfire in Syria and is now lame.

Eighteen-year-old Zaynab Sharrouf, Khaled’s eldest, already has two young children sired by Islamic State fighters, both of whom are now dead, and is heavily pregnant with her third.

Among the questions being decided by state authorities are whether or not the children will need to be given new identities, whether they can attend a normal school or whether they must be home schooled and whether they can continue to live in their old neighbourhoods.


Is it too harsh to visit the sins of the parents on the children? Perhaps, but is it any less fair than the government visiting their sins on the rest of us? Is it fair to expect the Australian community to shoulder the risk of importing “children” – some of whom are on the cusp of adulthood – whose lives have been steeped in the poisonous ideology of the Islamic State? Who is going to take responsibility if this all goes pear-shaped, down the track?