We would not win WWII today

While world leaders gather to remember D-Day of 75 years ago, the Allies are so deeply divided it’s hard to think them capable of reaching a consensus before a war was concluded.
Before President Donald Trump arrived for his state visit to the UK, he was the brunt of a diatribe from London’s noxious and useless mayor Sadiq Khan, who told media that Trump is not welcome in the UK. Quite what the London mayor had to do with a state visit is anybody’s guess.

“Rather than bestowing Trump with a grand platform of acceptability to the world, we should be speaking out and saying that this behaviour is unacceptable – and that it poses a grave threat to the values and principles we have fought hard to defend – often together – for decades”

[…] It’s too late to stop the red-carpet treatment, but it’s not too late for the prime minister to do the right thing. Theresa May should issue a powerful rejection – not of the US as a country or the office of the presidency, but of Trump and the far-right agenda he embodies.”


Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn was quick to jump on Khan’s bandwagon, demonstrating that it’s possible to treat an official office separately from the person holding it for the purpose of shamelessly insulting them. US Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is of the same ilk, frequently telling the world Trump belongs in prison despite three years’ searching for evidence being fruitless.

While the West is busy attacking itself, a predatory invader would find us easy pickings.

“Could we win WWII today? Probably not. While fascist Germany was defeated, fascism was not.
The ideology and its tactics have found a welcoming host in academia, entertainment, journalism, and the Democratic Party. Activists masquerading as journalists incited a purge (progressives love their purges) of YouTube of impure thoughts and even of people who don’t violate their terms of service, but come close to doing so.
The “line” is now wherever leftists draw it at any given moment. And this purge was led and cheered by self-proclaimed champions of the First Amendment.
The Allies defeated Nazi Germany, but fascism is alive and well on the political left. YouTube, at the urging of “progressive” activists, is purging people with unpopular opinions in the name of tolerance.

Joe Biden is in another plagiarism scandal, his third. Chanting “lock her up” was portrayed as a threat to democracy, but Nancy Pelosi saying she wants the President to be “in prison” is A-OK with the pearl-clutching class.
We couldn’t win WWII today because a large percentage of the political left would side with our enemies or wonder what we did to provoke war; like we had it coming. Our military is the strongest the planet has ever known, but the political will to defeat our enemies is no longer universal. You can’t move the boat when half the team is rowing in the opposite direction.”


As the man said, we defeated Nazi Germany but fascism still thrives on the left.