What always follows a bad week for the government?

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Last week was a terrible week for the government, and deservedly so. From Trevor Mallard claiming that a man effectively raped a woman because he hugged her, to a criminal hack that turned out to be a relatively normal web search, to a transformational budget that wasn’t… and then, to help everyone with their wellbeing, they hiked petrol prices under urgency. The government were made to look like the fools that they are, and calls for resignations or even apologies fell on deaf ears, as somehow they always do with this government.

Twitter was awash with comments on Friday that there will be another puff piece on Jacinda, or someone will wheel out the baby… and guess what? The princess and her cohorts, the media, really are that predictable.

First of all, on Saturday, our favourite Newspaper reported that Jacinda had been the victim of ‘baby poo’, as she changed Neve’s nappy. I really don’t know what to say to this. So the ‘First Baby’ defecates? Really? How amazing is that?

Why is a leading media outlet in this country reporting on this?

We all know why. The government had a tough week. We have to make Jacinda look wonderful, human and kind… even though all she is doing is what literally millions of parents around the world do several times every day. But if Jacinda does it, she is special, and that is it.

However, last week really was a dreadful week for the government, which had its thunder stolen big time, so baby turds alone is not enough. We have to bring out the big guns…

Clarke Gayford has teamed up with UNICEF New Zealand to promote the organisation’s #EarlyMomentsMatter campaign.

The global campaign, which also features David Beckham, calls on businesses and governments to implement family friendly policies, so that parents can give children their time, and the possible best start in life.

Gayford, who had his first child with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last year, reflects on his personal parenting journey saying, “When you become a parent for the first time, you’re quite vulnerable yourselves, because you don’t know anything either.”


Here is a thought for you, Clarke Gayford, Spearer of Fish and Intended of the Princess. Your fiancee’s government just made it harder for working parents to spend more time with their children. Unlike you, most of them don’t live in a household with over half a million dollars income, and many of them have just been robbed again by this government. The budget contained nothing at all for working people and now on top of everything, fuel prices have just been increased. Working parents will have no extra time to spend with their children. Many will have to work harder just to get by.

Those of us who are parents already know that spending time with children is the best gift for both parent and child. Instead of pontificating from a great height, Clarke might want to think about all the people who vote for his princess, and how much harder life is becoming for those who have to work for a living. These are not people who can choose whether or not they will stay home and play with the baby today, or go out on a fishing jaunt and call in a babysitter (paid or unpaid). Most people do not have the choices you have, Clarke Gayford. I just wish you, your preferred government and the mother of your child could see how much damage you are all doing to hard-working people in New Zealand. Children, of course, are suffering everywhere because of it.