When Telling the Truth Is Unacceptable

By Maria

A Scottish teacher has been filmed castigating a student called Murray for stating basic facts. Murray is quite heroic in defending himself.

Is this how teachers will treat students, now and in the future, who stand by the evidential fact and unbreakable principle that there are only two sexes, which are gendered as male or female?

What is a parent to do?

The student uses ‘genders’ when he means ‘sexes’, but the biological science of male and female (sex) has become so morphed with the sociological construct of masculinity and femininity, maleness and femaleness and assertions of identity (gender) that the vernacular has become confused: ‘gender’ now seems to mean ‘sex’, principally because ‘sex’ has come to mean intercourse.

[…] This is an ‘inclusive’ school, and that appears to mean there is only one opinion that is is “acceptable in the school”. The teacher says he had given the student an “opportunity to keep quiet”, but the student had chosen to pursue the matter: there is just male and female, he insisted. The teacher then instructs the student: “Could you please keep that opinion to your own house.”

When challenged, the teacher insists that what he is teaching is “national school authority policy”. The students responds, “It’s not scientific whatsoever.” The teacher then helpfully enlightens: “Not every policy is scientific, Murray.” And then the student corners the teacher over the definition of ‘inclusion’: how can it be inclusive to exclude a student for expressing a scientific view on sex (or, for that matter, a social view on gender)? He had simply expressed something he believes in, and was punished for it.

When the teacher reiterates that the school’s policy of inclusion is designed to ensure there is no discrimination, the student clarifies his understanding of gender (ie sex): “I’m not making any discrimination. I’m simply saying there are two genders – male and female. Anything else a personal identification.”

The students is then rebuked because he chose to “make an issue of making a point which is contrary to policy”.
We don’t know the school (or the name of this teacher), but it is simply one example of the (trans)gender ideology which is being inculcated in the minds of children […]