Where is National’s alternative budget?

Below is what National should be drumming home. The current taxation levels need to be adjusted. The working class poor are paying for the indolent. Where is National’s alternative budget? The opposition should be making hay while the sun shines and attacking this budget for all that they are worth. It seems that Amy Adams was too busy grandstanding over the budget leak to do an alternative budget. Perhaps she’s out of her depth; but, to be fair, some car park puddles are deeper than others.

[…] A number of commentators have said New Zealand’s top tax bracket not only is applied at too low a level, but low and middle-income earners are being taxed too much.

[…] This Government talks a lot about fairness. Is it fair individual taxpayers are carrying the tax burden for the nation?

For contrast, look across the ditch. Australia’s top rate, of 45 per cent, is applied to earnings over $180,000 a year. Maybe it really is the lucky country.

[…] people earning over $70,000 pay 63 per cent of all income tax.

[…] the money has to come from somewhere in order for the Government to spend it.
And in New Zealand, that is you and me. Good old regular, taxpayers.
Individuals, the 2019 Budget data shows, will pay $36 billion in tax for the 2018 financial year.

[…] look at corporate tax take and that happy feeling evaporates. The corporate tax take from the same year is $14b.

[…] For the 2019 financial year wage earners and individuals will pay an estimated $37.4b in tax, growing to more than $40b in 2020.
Corporate tax is expected to close in on $15b in 2019, and then is forecast to fall back, to about $14.5b in 2020. Less. Tax. From corporates.
Let that sink in.


The government is taking more from the working class ($36 billion) than they are from corporate New Zealand ($14 billion). When you realise who is actually paying for all their largesse, you have to ask: what kind of a socialist government are they really? Robbing the working class to feed the beneficiaries doesn’t quite have the same ring to it now, does it?

Stealing from the working class.