Who needs talent when you can have a quota?

Australia’s taxpayer-funded national broadcaster is required by law to reflect the cultural diversity of, the Australian community. Unfortunately, the billion-dollar public behemoth pays as little regard to that as they do to their statutory requirement of impartial and balanced reporting.

The only “cultural diversity” the ABC is interested in is what they can see from windows of the cafes of inner-Sydney Ultimo. The idea that there is a vast and – to the ABC – unexplored Australia beyond the quinoa curtain rarely seems to bother the ABC’s pampered public servants. That the benighted inhabitants of darkest suburbia might actually have different opinions to their latte luvvie chums never enters their darkest dreams.

Its employees’ obsession with third-wave feminist griping is just one example of the many ways in which the ABC utterly fails the taxpayers forced to pay for their cosseted echo-chamber.

On the morning after the federal election, the banality of modern feminism was confirmed by our public broadcaster.

Scott Morrison had stolen the show from Bill Shorten, confounding pollsters, most journalists and many Liberals too.

The Coalition government defeated Labor’s class war, its climate-change folly and punitive taxes. Morrison stared down Labor’s identity politics, religious intolerance and its scorn for quiet Australians. Yet one of the ABC’s grievance feminists announced, during her post-election analysis, that the re-elected Coalition had a massive gender problem.

Just making the same farting noises with the same old flatulent trumpet is so much easier than admitting that you might just possibly be wrong, after all.

Karvelas was so determined to table her pet agenda that she failed to consider whether facts fit her claim. Patently, gender did not rate at the election. Voters rejected Shorten and the line-up of Labor ladies surrounding him during the campaign. Not even the opposition leader’s ubiquitous red T-shirt blaring “Vote 1 Chloe Shorten’s husband” did the gender trick.

Shorten’s t-shirt gambit was just the most obviously transparent of Labor’s desperate “gender” tactics.

The re-election of the Morrison government suggests that women decided the Coalition’s policies mattered more than counting the number of Liberal and National women in parliament…most women don’t wake up every morning wondering how they can get gender into their daily conversations…

This raises a critical question for modern-day feminists — if they dare to consider it. Who on earth are they speaking for?

Contrary to the ABC’s feminist whinge, a record number of women will sit on the Coalition benches, a third of them new entrants. More importantly, they got there without demeaning quotas.

As newly promoted Assistant Minister for Superannuation and Financial Services Jane Hume said, “Make no mistake, I’m not here for my skirt, I’m here for my experience, and the contribution I can make to a sector that is critical to the Australian economy.”

Many new female Coalition MPs have wonderfully diverse backgrounds beyond the bubble of politics, unlike Labor women who were mostly machine apparatchiks before skating into parliament on gender quotas.


Who, after all, would elect such a miserable rabble of out-of-touch elitists on merit? No wonder leftist women are so devoted to gender quotas.