Will the teachers accept a 75% pay cut?

That is seriously suggested, not only for the teachers but for everyone. We have to save the planet and the only way is a 75% pay cut according to UK’s Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell. McDonnell has suggested that a future Labour government might introduce a 10-hour working week and slash pay by 75 per cent, as part of a radical plan to ‘combat climate change.’

There would be some poetic justice in a savage pay cut for all the teachers who encouraged their pupils to ‘strike for climate’, but I digress.

Delingpole continues:

The problem is – as I never tire of pointing out, because someone has to – the measures being proposed by eco-fascist organisations like Extinction Rebellion and endorsed by their useful idiots in the Labour party will bring little to the planet but misery, poverty and devastation.

Avian fauna are being killed by bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes; whales, dolphins and seals are being killed by offshore eco-crucifixes; orang-utans and other forest creatures are having their habitats destroyed by palm oil plantations being grown to create bio-fuels; American hardwood forests are being chopped up to provide more ‘biofuel’ for the Drax power station; rare earth minerals are being dug in hideously eco-unfriendly conditions in China for electric car batteries and wind turbine parts; and so on and on it goes.

In order to save the planet, the greenies seem to think, we’re going to have to kill it with fake kindness. […]

What’s much more worrying is when you find Conservative governments jumping on the bandwagon, which is what Britain’s is doing right now.

Theresa May’s “net zero emissions by 2050” target – as proposed by the creepy and very dubious rent-seeker Lord Deben’s Committee on Climate Change – is likely to cost the UK economy over £1 trillion.

Decarbonising Britain’s heating alone will cost us £28 billion a year.

This is serious money and the knock-on effects of these and other frivolous, ill-thought-through exercises in green virtue-signalling will be huge, killing jobs and making Britain less competitive – while affecting the course of global climate change not one jot.

Yet amazingly, none of the prospective candidates to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister is addressing this serious problem.

Rather, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt and the rest seem to be engaged in a competition as to who can demonstrate themselves to be most in thrall to the Ice Age 2-driven wisdom of the pigtailed, autistic child-goddess St Greta the Divine.

This is dangerous stuff. How are we to take any of their plans to cut costs and reboot the economy seriously when any savings they propose or any tax reductions they offer are going to end up being more than offset by these pointless sacrifices to Gaia?