Winston puts Greens in their place

Winston Peters has always loathed the Green party and, when they recently tried to claim a win for the Green party on the back of the government’s decision to pull Kiwi troops out of Iraq, he was not slow to pour them back into their recycled plastic bottle.

After the decision was announced yesterday, the Green Party used the Twitter hashtag #GreenWin.

The Green party want New Zealanders to believe that it was the Greens’ influence that caused the government to make the decision to bring our troops home from Iraq. The Greens have over-egged the situation with the assistance of their egregious Twitter warrior, Golriz Ghahraman.

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has played down how much influence the Greens had in the Government’s decision to pull Kiwi troops out of Iraq.

[…] speaking to reporters outside the House today, Peters questioned how it could be a win for the Greens if the troops are to remain in Iraq for another year.
“It’s a bit hard to argue you’ve won when the troops are still there until June of next year – let’s be logical about it … How can it be a win if they’re still there?”

A newspaper

Going by Ghahraman’s video response to the announcement, you would think that New Zealand had combat troops in Iraq that were involved in fighting. That is not the case. New Zealand’s involvement in Iraq was limited to 95 non-combat Defence Force personnel whose primary job was to train Iraqi Security Forces. Far from bringing combat troops home from a war that they were involved in, the decision means that the 95 non-combat troops will be reduced in number until the last military training team leaves Iraq June 2020.