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rowel (noun) – A sharp-toothed wheel inserted into the end of the shank of a spur.

(verb) – 1 To goad with or as if with a pointed disk at the end of a spur

2 Vex, trouble.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : If you’ve seen Western movies, you’ve seen rowels. The noun rowel names the circular, point-covered disk on the end of a spur that is used to urge powerful steeds to maximum speeds. But cowboys didn’t invent rowels; knights in shining armor were sporting them even before the 12th century. English speakers of yore picked up the noun rowel from the Anglo-French roele, meaning “small wheel.”

It wasn’t until the 16th century that rowel began to be used as a verb for the act of spurring a horse with a rowel. By the 19th century, rowel was being used as a verb for any process of prodding or goading that was as irritating as being poked in the side with a rowel.