A Message for Simon Bridges

Good afternoon Mr Bridges

I am in my 70’s and for most of my voting life I’ve been an ardent National supporter, but that is no more. I’ve transferred my allegiance and support to ACT which is now the only party prepared to stand up for its principles and offer strong opposition to this coalition from hell. With National’s slide to the left of the political spectrum, ACT is now the only true opposition party in this country.

National has turned its back on its heritage and its traditional voter base and to all intents and purposes, there is now nothing to differentiate it from Labour. I’ve read your recent mailings as I have this one, and they are about as effective as a wet bus ticket.

Where are the relentlessly stinging attacks, the relentless exposure of the weaknesses inherent in this government’s policy, the relentless daylighting of the incompetence of its ministers; and where are the promises to reverse such destructive policy?

I also from time to time watch question time on parliament TV, not as often as I’d like as I’m still working full time; and I just cringe. How on earth can you all sit there and, apart from a few notable instances, allow such an incompetent bunch of idiots to walk all over you? There have been umpteen opportunities to hit this coalition hard but you haven’t. You simply don’t have the ability or the will any more; you’ve lost it and I’m off.