A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

This weekend, I came across a couple of photos that really sum up our dreadful government, and both made me despair. We have now gone from being governed by a group of smart and competent politicians to being controlled by a bunch of clowns.

Let’s start with this photo, shall we?

The Squad

Here we have four members of our government, all of them MPs in a party supporting the government, (one of whom is a co-leader of that party) who are flying the Maori flag. Not the New Zealand flag, but the Maori flag. It is important to note this, because the Maori flag (Tino Rangatiratanga ) is used to represent all Maori. But these ladies, affectionately known as The Squad, like their sisters in the USA who have been accused by President Trump of being anti-American, actually represent all New Zealanders. Not that you would know it.

They are also supporting a protest movement that is acting in defiance of land ownership rights and, if it is successful, will undermine every Treaty settlement that has been made to date.

So, I have to ask… why would these MPs stand in protest of land ownership rights that are enforceable by law and why would they want to undermine all existing Treaty settlements? Aren’t our MPs supposed to uphold the law and stand by the decisions of the government? And if they don’t agree with something their own government is doing, why don’t they use the appropriate channels, instead of publicly standing up against their own government?

The second photo is this:

This photo was taken this weekend, while Jacinda was in Tokelau with her father and, no doubt, other family members.

It is not a great picture, is it?

Jacinda looks gaunt, Ross Ardern looks worried and the overall mood in the photo is sombre. This is not exactly a happy family shot at a birthday celebration, is it?

Now, we’ve all had photos taken when we are not looking our best, but this one captures the mood of this government. Jacinda dashed off to her birthday celebrations in Tokelau after dropping an unexploded bomb on the matter at Ihumatao by saying that building work would be halted while the protest continued. In other words, she has just given protesters precedence over private land ownership rights. The law, it seems, means nothing to anyone in our government.

This government has basically come down on the side of thugs.

Jacinda does not look happy, though. There is also something else wrong with the photo. Where is her engagement ring?

There has been something off-key about this whole engagement saga. She was very coy about the matter when it was announced which is unusual for her because, normally, she takes every opportunity to bask in the limelight… but not over this.

I can’t help feeling that this engagement is a sham, which she may intend to use as a publicity stunt at some point once her dreadful government’s polling starts to fall.

Whatever else you can say about our government, they are not presenting a particularly united front at the moment. And, if the prime minister’s face is anything to go by, there are not a lot of happy campers in this government either.