A Preschooler Version of Animal Farm without the Lesson

What young children are reading will infuriate you.

Liberal diversity advocates have chucked away all common sense in a children’s storybook aimed at pre-schoolers, entitled “We are all equal.” It is an irritating political tale borrowed from Orwell’s Animal Farm, where “All animals are equal” is a farmyard lie used by the elite to subjugate the other animals. Perhaps the authors of this latest book never finished reading Animal Farm?

Is a small field mouse equal to the eagle chicks as he is about to be served up to them for lunch? Or the male calf sent off to slaughter because he will never produce milk? Perhaps these authors consider, in the current clime, the male calf gender can self identify as a heifer to escape an early death?

This synopsis of such blatant jumbo-jumbo guarantees a rush of righteous indignation.

“No matter who you are, where you come from, where you live, what you look like, who you love, whether you are small or tall, whether you walk or run, this book celebrates the richness in our differences and the joy that… we are all equal.”

Let them, with a clear conscience, provide their book to the homeless person living in a cardboard box next to his shopping cart overflowing with a miserable collection of worldly goods as he scavenges his next meal from a nearby rubbish bin. The supercilious warm, well fed authors, no doubt living in houses and feasting on whatever the hell they like, should be ashamed for promoting and profiting from such drivel for unthinking parents to read to their hapless offspring.

Despite the utopian dream, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, and not just in New Zealand. Accompanied by rising homelessness, unsurprisingly in the US, where the LBGTXYZ community is over-represented.

One in five transgender people in the United States has been discriminated against when seeking a home, and more than one in ten have been evicted from their homes, because of their gender identity. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued guidance stating that discrimination against transgender renters or homebuyers based on gender identity or gender stereotypes constitutes sex discrimination and is prohibited under the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

Unfortunately, general lack of awareness has contributed to continued discrimination, eviction and homelessness of transgender people in the United States. Strong, explicit legal protection from gender identity discrimination, including at the state and local levels, is still needed.

Really? General lack of awareness or simply shabby behaviour from entitled minorities? This is the future of our youth being sold the diversity lie, which is not a legitimate acceptance of differences in gender, race or skin colour, but rather a promotion of self gender-reassignment.

Evicted because of their gender identity, or evicted because they shamelessly and inappropriately flaunt their gender identity? Discriminated against because they reject conventional responsibilities like providing for your own way in life? Discriminated against because of publicly outrageous dress and speech? Discriminated against because of an overly sexual persona that dominates restraint and decency. Will they respect the rights of others tenants when they are so self absorbed?

Recently, in the heart of Gay Pride, San Francisco, during Pride Week, I observed a tall young man, self-identifying as a woman, in a skimpy black bikini, high platform heels, and nothing else, clatter past. I was curious about a few things. Why was he traversing a luxury tourist shopping area in the middle of the day? Why was he inappropriately dressed for the chilly weather? I was also curious about the lack of substance to the bikini bottom, and whether the freezing weather had projected his tackle up into his nether regions. Not curious enough to charge ahead of him to find out though, but his very curly-haired arse and thighs got a second look.

Togs, togs, undies had nothing on this guy. Acceptance of diversity pre-empted common sense, decency and even the chilly weather. Wearing an “I love Trump” t-shirt and a MAGA hat would have stirred up more public outcry than this tragic human being did, which was none, as he loudly and proudly paraded through Union Square. My point is, the marginalised celebrate their difference but give no consideration to offending anyone else’s sensibilities.

Diversity is not synonymous with equality, and worse, thinking that it is sets up young minds for dismal failure. Being different is hard enough but projecting your differences onto the community and expecting them to applaud your game-playing while viewing your aberrations as normal is just sad. Acceptance yes, endorsement, no.