A Readers Response to ACT President Tim Jago’s e-mail to supporters

Thanks for the update, some interesting reading.
One statement which seems a bit off is 

The usually unsympathetic Whaleoil blog even allowed itself to admit ACT is a party whose time has again come.”.

Over the years there has been considerable support for ACT on the Whaleoil Blog to the extent that a number of posters are members and have stood as candidates for ACT. Mrs WO herself makes no effort to hide the fact that she is an ACT supporter.

Whaleoil the blog makes no differentiation between political parties which make stupid comments or get facts wrong, ACT is no different in that respect to any of the other political parties.

The one person who has singularly done the most damage to the credibility of ACT on the Whaleoil Blog is David Seymour who has shown a propensity to play the man rather than the ball when confronted by reasoned but difficult questioning by Whaleoil commentators. David is also not immune to engaging his mouth before he puts his brain into gear and unfortunately would sooner go on the attack when this is pointed out rather than address his own failings.

I gave my party vote to ACT last election but David promptly lost my support as the result of a couple of errant brain farts immediately post-election. I am now an undecided voter.