ACT is Now the True Opposition Party

Tim Jago
ACT President

The narrative has changed! Our extremely successful ReAct party AGM, the simultaneous launching of new and clarified policies, and the “Call to ACTion” to prepare early for Campaign 2020 have –  as intended –  generated renewed discussions across the country about the need for a party on the right that represents the aspirations of free-thinking, hard-working New Zealanders.

Did you notice some self-indulgent cynics in the mainstream media finding themselves drowned out by several popular commentators prepared to praise ACT? David Seymour’s assertion that ACT is now the true opposition party in parliament is ringing true with many more people.  New Zealand’s most listened to commentator, Mike Hosking, declared ACT has a renewed place in NZ politics and needs to be taken seriously. The usually unsympathetic Whaleoil blog even allowed itself to admit ACT is a party whose time has again come.

In the three weeks that followed ReAct, party membership increased by nearly 10%.  Several of the new members come from strong political pedigrees. We can take great satisfaction that they are coming across to ACT because they perceive us as the party that’s advocating for the needs and expectations of a greater number of discerning New Zealanders, with policies that appeal because they are fair, sensible, unambiguous and forward-thinking.

I am delighted that donations to ACT also soared in the days following ReAct.  I extend my sincere gratitude to those who have been able to donate already. The reality is we need more donations if we are to deliver on our promise of a stronger multi-MP presence in the next parliament. We launched Campaign 2020 at ReAct with a commitment to start planning now to have a stronger and better organised party presence across NZ, and a strong team of candidates in place and campaigning, much earlier than for recent elections.[…]

I will soon be visiting some of the major centres across the country, and meeting with ACT party organisers. I am hoping David Seymour can join me at many of these meetings. It’s important for me, as your new President to really understand who we have on the ground, prepared to deliver local campaign material, and David wants to hear your feedback. I am sure you will have already noted the upswing in activity in many regions, and it’s important that we perpetuate the momentum. I will notify you of my visits in advance and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

The recent AGM saw Toni Severin and Bruce Carley concluding their terms on the national board.  I am sure you all share with me in saying thank you for contributing greatly over many years – though it goes without saying they are still vitally involved in party affairs.  Welcome to James McDowall (Central North Island) and Ruth Knights (South Island), both elected to the board for their first terms. Both James and Ruth come with excellent ACT credentials and networks.

As always, I am happy to hear from you all directly. Please feel free to email me