All Hui No Do-ee

Look at the recent MSM articles about State care of children and Oranga Tamariki. Only one refers to what needs to be done to stop children from being abused. The others are all about scapegoating the only organisation that is actually trying to protect children.

Cartoon credit: SonovaMin

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Adam Hollingworth

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Number of children uplifted in Hawke’s Bay has increased

Hawkes Bay Today

’Tikanga before taking’ a focus of Maori-led Oranga Tamariki inquiry – Jackson

Maori TV

Oranga Tamariki uplifts ‘too brutal’ – Willie Jackson


Judith Collins: ‘Just stop beating up kids’


Where is the inquiry into why Maori child abuse statistics are so high?

Where is the Protest march against child abuse?

Why are they focused on blaming the organisation that is trying to protect vulnerable children instead of looking at the dysfunctional families that these children are being removed from?

Maori leadership are all Hui and no do-ee. All their energy is being wasted on finding a scapegoat instead of looking at the Whanau who are ultimately responsible for the abuse of their children.