An E-mail that Made Me Go Hmm

Dear Readers

yesterday an e-mail was sent to Whaleoil, it read…

Dear Whale Oil,

It’s Whaleoil duh…

My name is Kieran Ford, and alongside Prof. Kevin Clements at the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago, we’re currently working on a research project exploring the role and significance of right-wing politics in 21st century New Zealand.

Hmm… the same university that contains a Professor who is currently waging a legal war conflict against Cameron Slater.

Sounds totally legit.

We’re writing to see whether you would be interested in taking part in the project. The project aims to explore the contributions right-wing politics and political activists make to political discourse and behaviour. Among other things we wish to explore right-wing political narratives, key issues, and the kind of New Zealand those on the right would like to see in the future.
We feel that your participation would make a fantastic contribution to the project.

Yeah, I just bet you both would be wetting your white Y fronts with excitement at the chance to unscrupulously ask leading questions while keeping your true agenda hidden until it came time to publish your “findings.”

While at some point, our research will involve interviewing participants, and learning about their experiences with politics, at this stage, we are keen to simply get an idea of whether you would be interested in participating in this project. With best wishes and thanks in advance,

Yours sincerely,
Kieran Ford

Awww how sweet and respectful. I am sure that the team at Whaleoil will totally be taken in… but wait… their research team AKA Sally has found something interesting… whatever could it be?

Exhibit A

But wait… there’s more.

Kieran Ford Doctoral Candidate National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies University of Otago, Dunedin, Aotearoa/NZ: Exhibit B

[…] From the manifesto of one of the attackers, it is clear that this attack was politically motivated […]
Countries such as the UK or France have focused their responses on security, actively ignoring the wider political issues that allow for political violence to occur.

[…] What this attack does demonstrate is the need for greater gun control in New Zealand, and in particular, of semi-automatic weapons, reducing the ability of potential attackers to carry out their plans.
Moreover, we must acknowledge that Islamophobia is rife within global society.
Racially motivated hate crimes, in New Zealand as well as further afield, are far more common than we would like to admit.

[…] In the UK, the Conservative Party is now embroiled in a scandal regarding the level of Islamophobia within the party. The vote for Brexit was motivated by anti-immigration rhetoric, with fear swept up regarding refugees from the Middle East. After the Brexit vote, hate crimes skyrocketed overnight. Yet, the UK Government continues to play down the threat of the far Right, focusing instead on the threat from militant Islamists.

In the US, Donald Trump recently drastically reduced the country’s counter-extremism programme, removing its responsibility to counter far-right extremism entirely. The programme now solely focuses on militant Islamism, with no measures in place to protect the country from the Right.

In Australia, the controversial politician Pauline Hanson ridicules Islamic dress in Parliament, while refugees suffer in barbaric conditions in island detention centres.

This accommodation of Islamophobia must stop. Here, too, New Zealand must acknowledge the ways in which Islamophobia and far-right extremism exist in our society. Search briefly online, and you will find an alarming number of online Kiwi extremists.

[…] Alongside policing approaches to identify far-right activists,

[…] The Government could also increase the refugee quota.

Kieran Ford is a PhD student at the University of Otago. His research concerns extremism and counter-extremism strategies.

Hmm… Kieran neglected to mention that little bit of information. He is looking for right-wing “extremists” to help prove his theory that New Zealand has a right-wing extremist problem.

Maybe he should interview Patrick Gower. He has been unsuccessfully hunting for some all year.

I’m hunting for far-right Kiwi extremists be vewy vewy quiet…

Oh and one other thing…Kieran Ford thinks Islamophobia is terrible but he is quite comfortable spreading lies about Jews.

The Otago Daily Times published his opinion piece for free but he is most unhappy that the same newspaper published an ad that the Jewish Council paid for.


So yeah Kieran and Kevin, that is a no thanks from us.