Ardern Is Worried That She Will Be Next!

President Trump has dropped another one of his Twitter bombs and our PM has said that she utterly disagrees with him, which is not at all surprising, as she no doubt is worried that his next Twitter bomb will be about her.

Trump’s tweet was about four women known as “The Squad”. The political cartoon by Branco above nicely summarises the incident.

Poor Winston must be tearing his hair out as he is in the middle of trying to work out a Free Trade Agreement with America. Figurehead Ardern is not helping the situation by yet again criticising its president.

Why on earth does Ardern think that it is her business to get involved in the domestic politics of the United States? Shouldn’t these so-called feminist women be capable of fighting their own battles?

I wonder what Ardern would do if four MPs all individually bad-mouthed New Zealand as a horrible racist country? I wonder what she would do if when she stood up to their criticism (unlikely I know) they then called her coalition government “callous” and “corrupt” like “The Squad” has done to President Trump.

“The Squad”: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (left) Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Photo: AFP

Hopefully, the Americans will have already assessed that Jacinda doesn’t call all the shots. Winston can then tell them to simply ignore her as she is just playing to her luvvies, and he can then get on with the task of negotiating the trade deal.