Ardern and the Peace Prize Deserve Each Other

The Nobel Peace Prize has long degenerated into the “Very Special” category of the Nobels. The only “peace prize” with even less credibility is the “Sydney Peace Prize”, awarded by anti-Semitism Central, Sydney University.

Barack Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for no other reason than being black and winning an election – and then went on to bomb more countries than Bush, deport more illegals than Trump, and oversee a regime of extra-judicial executions of American citizens. Others in the rogues’ gallery include Yasser Arafat, the UN, the IPCC, Al Gore, and the EU – for, I kid you not, “over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe”. It’s like the Balkans War never happened.

So, all in all, Jacinda Ardern would be in appropriate company.

More than 80,000 people think Jacinda Ardern should be given the Nobel Peace Prize – but a few Australian political commentators aren’t among them.

Gosh, where did they find these “80,000 people”? A professional, random survey? Or a globalist astroturfing site linked to George Soros?

Speculation that the Prime Minister could be up for the prestigious honour has been fuelled by a number of online petitions from around the world. One of them, hosted by, has attracted 82,247 signatures as of Tuesday, while another on French website has almost 4000.

One could be forgiven for wondering, as well, how many of those are sock-puppet accounts, which the left is notorious for using.

Meanwhile, in the real world, others are not so easily impressed.

During an on-air discussion of the deportation of New Zealand-born criminals living in Australia, Sky News Australia host Peta Credlin brought up the subject of a potential award for Ardern.

“What’s this rumour that she’s sort of in contention for a Nobel Peace Prize for that work in Christchurch?” she said.

“If Christchurch equals Nobel Peace Prize and all Obama really had to do was win the election, basically just get out of bed, and he got one as well – aren’t we devaluing something that used to be very revered?”

…Guest Dr Jeremy Sammut, a director at libertarian think tank The Centre for Independent Studies, agreed with Credlin’s dismissal.

“I think that’s undoubtedly true, and I think unfortunately for a long time the credibility of the Nobel Prize has been undermined, particularly by the decision to give it to President Obama before he’d literally done anything or hardly had his feet under the desk,” he said. “So I think that’s a real issue.”

Others noted that Ardern has not exactly been conducting herself with any kind of diplomacy: bad-mouthing Australian policy from the safety of New Zealand or in front of a sympathetic audience of latte-belters in Melbourne, but folding like a cheap suit in front of the government.

In the same broadcast, commentator Gemma Tognini accused Ardern of flaunting her “moral posture” during her visit to Australia.

“It’s very, very cute for her to come to another country and morally posturise the way she has been,” she told Credlin.

“I don’t know if it were in reciprocal circumstances whether it would be tolerated nor appreciated.”