Otago University Researchers Reveal the Bleeding Obvious!

Researchers at Otago University have made the following startling discovery…Trans women AKA Fake women AKA Men have a “physiological advantage over real women.”

The rules which allow trans women to compete in elite women’s sporting divisions need to change because trans women have a physiological advantage, University of Otago researchers say.

An externally peer reviewed study of the scientific literature on the differences in the male and female physiology has concluded that International Olympic Committee guidelines are putting cis-women at a disadvantage.

We are not cis-women we are WOMEN! Stop changing our language. There is no need to change the word woman or women at all. Both words mean biological woman/women so they do not need to be clarified whereas the prefix “trans” is needed to distinguish real women and men from fake ones. No one uses the term cis-men so why have they made up the term cis-women?

The rules allow trans women to compete in the women’s division if their testosterone is below 10nmol/L.
Otago physiologist Alison Heather – who wrote the review, alongside professor Lynley Anderson and Dr Taryn Knox – said those testosterone levels were 10 to 20 times higher than a typical female athlete whose average is around 0.87nmol/L a litre.

Science demonstrates that high adult levels of testosterone, as well as permanent testosterone effects on male physiology during in utero and early development, provides a performance advantage in sport and that much of this male physiology is not mitigated by the transition.”
She said even with trans women taking estrogen, it would not lower the testosterone levels to the equivalent of a cis-female.

Prof Heather and her co-researchers said trans women should not be excluded from elite level sport, but instead a separate category could be established for trans and intersex women to compete in.
“We need more than two divisions to account for gender diversity because we can’t allow every woman that identifies as a woman that has come from former high levels of testosterone to compete in the female division.”

Finally some sense on the issue, but wait…

An alternative was that a handicap be applied which would take testosterone levels and other physical and social factors into account, but professor Heather said further research was needed on this.

Why on earth should we apply a handicap? If a handicap was possible then we wouldn’t have male and female sport at all we would all compete against each other and men would be given a huge handicap in an attempt to make things ‘Fair’.

If you think that sounds like madness you would be right. No female rugby player will want to be tackled by a male rugby player no matter what “handicap” he is given. The only handicap that would prevent serious injuries would be if they applied an actual physical handicap such as tying one hand behind their back and attaching a weight to each leg. It is a stupid and unworkable idea and all to fix an insignificant problem.

Let Trans people compete against each other. The entire sporting world should not be turned on its ear to feed the delusion of a tiny minority of sportspeople.

The New Zealand Olympic committee said […] ” a balance needed to be struck between protecting an individual’s human rights and ensuring the field of play remains fair.”
They were supportive of further research into the matter but in the meantime would support all New Zealand Team members who were eligible to compete under current international rules.

In other words, even though women are now at a huge disadvantage the NZ Olympic committee will do absolutely nothing to stand up for the rights of female sportswomen to take part in a fair competition on a level playing field.

The second and third female place givers look thrilled to have been beaten by a biological man.