Boy Racers Are Now ‘Car Enthusiasts’!

NZ Police struggling to find a tow truck big enough to impound a road roller.

Isn’t it funny how the Legacy Media change their descriptors depending on how they wish to control the narrative?

Wellington car enthusiasts‘ turnout dwindles after road roller incident


Not long ago TVNZ would have been touting this road roller incident as a failure of National party policies and would have been giving Judith Collins no end of grief. I can see the headlines now: ‘Crusher Collins fails to take Boy Racers off the road, concerned citizen forced to take matters into his own hands, Give-a-Little page set up for the roller driver.’

TVNZ’s extremely biased article and video showed these boy racer clowns as salt of the earth, lovely young chaps; who were just out having a little get-together on a balmy evening in the Hutt. Geeze, apparently all the evil roller operator had to do was to approach the 200 gathered yoofs to ask them nicely to leave and they would have moved on! Gimme a break, we all know how that would have turned out.

The reality is that this incident shows up how much the police have lost interest in the type of offending that actually ticks the public off. You see, doing burnouts, creating all the noise, mess, road damage etc, not to mention the potential serious injuries that result from these boy racer gatherings, just don’t rate a mention any more in this age of ‘speed is the only evil’ policing.

Certainly I imagine JAG couldn’t give a toss as everyone is doing way below 30km/h when they are sliding around the diesel covered cul-de-sac and none of these losers would be seen dead riding a bicycle to the ‘car enthusiasts’ wee after dark show anyway.

Or perhaps she should be concerned as the only decent injury in this little showdown was a pedestrian who suffered a broken leg whilst being run over by some little tosser’s ‘show car’ as the driver was trying to escape certain squashy flatness.

But this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Back when I was fighting the good fight, we used to have a serious boy-racer problem up in the Auckland suburb of Albany when the industrial area was being built up.

Hundreds of idiots would gather, usually on a Thursday night for some reason, in a quiet street partaking in drag races, burnouts and other teenage preening rituals designed to impress the girls.

It was often quite hard to police the situation as there were three exits to the area so as soon as we turned up, everyone legged it. We solved the problem by infiltrating the fools in some of our private cars and recording the offending. We then stomped on in, en-masse, blocking all the exits and locking up every offending driver.

I imagine the Feds are way too busy pointing guns at 12-year-old horse feeders and having a sing-a-long with crooks now to find the time to actually do some useful police work and deal to these ‘car enthusiasts’.

But I can tell you one of the funniest stories I have of that boy racer scene related to a very similar incident to our now infamous ‘Steam Roller Incident’.

The Albany industrial area concerned was only one street away from where a couple of local tow truck drivers lived. One of them happened to race stock cars. One evening after many weeks of being irritated by the idiots hooning across the road, he took his beaten up, pitch-black street stock car (a Ford by the way :0) quietly out of the garage, snuck across the road unseen and proceeded to ram as many of the ‘car enthusiasts’ as he could get to. Of course, everyone scattered, much like last weeks roller incident, and my good friend managed to disappear off into the night.

Not the car in question!

Funny though, back then none of the hoons were so soft as to feel the need to go and complain to the police. They would have been given the short shrift if they had anyway. Hoons these days, geeze, better get them all a pink pussy hat. As I recall the subsequent ‘turnout’ dwindled a bit then too.

Anyway, this is a real burnout ya ricer driving poofs. Ps, Go the Ford!