Busing: Another Liberal Idea That Harmed Black America

During the first round of Democratic presidential debates, Kamala “Look at me, I’m brown” Harris savaged Joe Biden for his 1970s opposition to busing – the leftist policy by which students from predominantly black areas were forced to take long bus rides to schools in white areas. The grand leftist theory was that this forced integration would usher in a bright new dawn of racial harmony.

Like all leftist utopias, it was a nice theory, but how did it measure up to reality? Turns out, that fossilised ol’ whitey racist Biden might just have been right, after all.

For one thing, the supposed beneficiaries of busing weren’t so keen on it. But, hey, what would they know?

What Cleve dreaded every day was not the “racism” of white students (he found none of that), but the bus rides. An hour-plus each way of unsupervised hell. That’s when the teasing and abuse were at their worst.

And this problem was actually foreseen by one of busing’s most influential advocates. John A. Finger was a liberal New England professor (of course) who served as the NAACP’s busing counsel, and the court-appointed busing “expert” in over a dozen court cases in the 1970s…In April 1974, in his report to Judge William Doyle of the U.S. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit, Finger offered the following rosy defense of his scheme:

Despite the widespread opposition to busing, there is no evidence that it hurts anybody. The facts are that many children enjoy it. Others view it as just a thing one does like driving to work in one’s car. One just does it. Some children don’t like it, but that usually is because the bus is unsupervised and the children are teased or assaulted.

“There is no evidence that it hurts anybody.” Except for those “assaults” on the bus. “Some children” apparently don’t like being assaulted.

But, hey, who cares what a bunch of darn kids think?

Busing inflicted psychological as well as physical harm on black children. Author and producer Tanner Colby (The Daily Show With Trevor Noah)…:

Before desegregation, “acting white” was a phrase no one had ever heard with regard to school involvement or academics. Yet in the wake of busing, it rose to become one of the most hurtful insults one black student could level at another. Talking white, dressing white, being enthusiastic about anything “white” was forsaking one’s own.

Colby highlights the case of one high-performing black student who was bused along with his peers to a white school:

I was discriminated against more by people of my own color than I ever was by white people…. I can’t actually pinpoint an incident where a white person ever called me a nigger. I’m sure it happened, but I can’t say it was any one time. The black kids were harsher. They would say stuff to my face.

This culture of less-learnin’-more-blackin’ is frequently cited as one of the most corrosive influences (alongside family breakdown) in the socio-economic decline of American blacks since the bad old days of the 1950s.

An article in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel also explores this unique gift that busing bestowed upon the black community: …desegregation created a clearer division of white and black. Once black and white students started attending school together, the association shifted and black students began to tease one another by pushing their smart peers into the “white” category.

In a landmark desegregation study by the late Nigerian-American anthropologist and professor Dr. John Ogbu, the author recounts an interview with a bused black student who told his school counselor why he plays dumb around his black friends: “I don’t want ’em to know I’m smart. They’ll make fun of me. I won’t have any friends. Where I live, they’re gonna say I’m white.”

Assaults, ostracism, and anti-intellectualism. Such were the joys of Kamala Harris’ beloved forced busing.


Democrats’ self-image as the champions of black opportunity are absurdly disproportionate to the devastation wreaked on American blacks by their utopian theories. Johnson’s “Great Society” welfare state was the honeyed poison which (as it did to Britain’s white working-class) dismantled traditional family structure and created generations of fatherless households, leading to predictable socio-economic havoc. Kamala Harris’ beloved busing helped erase black educational aspiration in favour of promoting intersectional hatred.

Meanwhile, wicked, “racist” Trump is overseeing a boom in black American employment and incomes.

No wonder black Americans are “walking away”.