Crybaby of the Week

Today’s Crybaby of the week ordered a dress online, didn’t like how it looked on her because she is not shaped like a model and went running to the papers whining about not knowing that the site was offshore.

On the website, their office hours were stated as Hong Kong time which was a clue.

Also the Engrish used should have set off the alarm bells:

Ball & Formal Dresses, Wedding Dresses Online – DreamyDress
DreamyDress Shop was founded in 2000 originally as a professional ball dresses. Over time, thanks to the patronage of customers expanded to today’s extent and today […]

There were also other clues that it was a drop shipping website such as the fact that they shipped to over 200 countries.

Even funnier, this “Deputy Head Girl” said that she “researched” the company before ordering which sums up today’s education in a nutshell.

To be fair to her, however, it did use a domain name which is deceptive and it did deceptively allow her to search for dresses by New Zealand cities.

If she had read the About Us she would have realized it wasn’t locally based and that they were a sub-branch of the UK branch. In a few years, she will probably have articles sitting behind a paywall if she doesn’t learn to research better.

Add on to this some whinging about not getting a refund (despite their offering a 7 day refund period and the fact that credit card transactions are easily reversible) and you have a perfect Crybaby.