Crybaby of the Week

This weeks crybaby thought that it was okay to put on his plate only the meat from the black bean stir fry on offer at a smorgasbord restaurant. When he was told that was not acceptable etiquette he asked for his money back and was refunded the $15 he had paid. That should have been the end of the story but he and his partner then went on to complain about it to the media.

A confrontation with a Napier restaurant owner over smorgasbord etiquette has left a bad taste in the mouth of two of its customers.

[…] “We both selected from the smorgasbord option and my partner got the $15 option and selected rice and sweet and sour pork and a few other things,”
[…] But it all went wrong at the black bean stir fry, as Guildy avoided the large “hard” chunks of broccoli, only picking the meat while a staff member “watched him like a hawk”.
“He has false teeth, so he’s not actually able to have hard foods, so a majority of the food he was selecting was soft.
“The woman began to raise her voice, saying ‘no more meat! You have to have the veges too!’
“My partner explained he couldn’t eat the broccoli because of his teeth, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She said if he just wanted meat he’d have to order ‘just meat’ off the menu.”
Harrison said the woman began banging the spoon on the tray, ordering Guildy to add more vegetables to his selection.
Shocked by the service, Guildy changed his mind and asked for a refund, which he was given.

Rice Canteen Marewa owner Tina Lou said Guildy was taking only meat and no vegetables.
“It was a mixed order, but he took just meat, which means it would have been a different charge.
Meat is expensive, but if you have meat and vegetables together it would work under that order. Meat just on its own comes under a different charge.

“The man just picked the meat, another customer might have wanted the meat and vegetables together.
“I told the man not just to take the meat because another customer would want to order it.”

[…] “People don’t always realise what slim profit margins hospitality businesses have, there is a lot of pressure, particularly with increasing food costs and other compliance costs,”
[…] “I would imagine that the owner was also mindful about needing to manage expectations for all of her customers – the next customer is going to have an expectation that both vegetables and meat will be in the dish.”

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