Crybaby of the Week

Today’s crybaby, after jetting off for an overseas holiday using up who knows how many carbon credits along the way, had the jaw-dropping audacity to complain about plastic bags at Auckland Airport’s duty-free on his return to New Zealand.

The use of plastic bags at Auckland Airport’s duty free store is not in line with New Zealand’s clean green image, says one Auckland resident.
Paul Patton was returning from his vacation in Samoa this week and was given two plastic bags after purchasing duty free items. Patton said it was in contradiction to the airport’s promotion of New Zealand’s natural environment.
“You know you walk through the whole long corridor at the airport with birdsong and images of natural beauty and then of course you buy something in the duty free and they don’t just give you one of these bags, they actually give you two. And there’s no alternative,’ he said.

Um yeah, there is an alternative Paul. You can either look like a Wally and leave the Duty Free with your purchases precariously balanced in your arms while somehow also carrying your luggage or you could put them inside your luggage or your own re-usable bag that virtue signallers like yourself usually like to carry on their person.

Patton pointed out to staff that there was a plastic bag ban in place, but said staff appeared “completely unaware”.

After raising the issue with management he was told that because the bags were thicker than single use bags, they complied with the new law.
“I just think that they’re using this as a loophole and it’s just not a reasonable excuse,” he said.

What a Wally. Why cant he be man enough to admit that he made a mistake. Is he going to accuse supermarkets in New Zealand of using loopholes as well?

Patton, who is originally from the United Kingdom said he moved to New Zealand 10 years ago because he wanted to live in a green healthy country, but since moving here said he doesn’t like the greenwashing.
“What frustrates me is that the airport is part of a global marketing effort to promote New Zealand’s natural beauty and this whole 100 per cent pure thing, but the airport isn’t doing enough to underpin that exercise,” he said.

[…] “We don’t want to use plastic bags. They need to be more progressive,” he said.


Cough..whinging… cough Pom