Crybaby of the Week: Ass vs Asshat

You could sit like this, or you could choose to not be a twat.

Today’s crybaby of the week would have to be Crim Hugger, Climate Logic Denier and ‘Premium’ (lol) content supplier to A Newspaper, Jarrod Gilbert.

Quite how A Newspaper could deem this week’s pathetic diatribe from Gilbert as premium content that one should pay for is beyond me, but since their paywall is about as holey as a Swiss cheese resting on a sponge in the Vatican, as a service to all you good folk out there, I sacrificed two minutes of my life and had a read.

“Just FYI, if you recline your seat on a plane, you are an ass. If you recline your seat on a plane and don’t think you’re an ass, read this tweet again.”

A Newspaper

Mr Gilbert being a Climate Alarmist, I’m not sure what he was doing on a plane, given that they are the primary cause of skinny polar bears – but I digress.

I won’t bore you with all of the sordid details but you can take it as read that…

  1. Mr Gilbert is probably quite tall.
  2. Mr Gilbert is a whinger.
  3. Mr Gilbert thinks his rights surpass those of the people sitting ahead of him.

And perhaps I should add, 4. Mr Gilbert is a cheapskate, given that all you have to do on a local flight around New Zealand would be to pay $10 to upgrade to exit row 12 on the 737s which not only has heaps of legroom but also is behind row 11 which, also being an exit row, cannot recline! But even better, row 12 seats can recline themselves so if he chose to be a Ass himself, he could flick his own seat back as hypocrites are wont to do.

And if Mr Gilbert is a frequent flier of sufficient import, he would be allowed to sit up near the front of the plane where there is much better legroom anyway.

Although surely there is no such thing as a Greenie with a Gold Status; I can’t imagine there would be any such hypocritical people on this fragile planet.

So anyway, it’s time to front up. Let’s have a wee poll.

Are you an Ass, who reclines, or an Asshat, who hates those guys? I’ll start, put me down as an Ass.