Don’t Look There, Look at the Baby

By George

The headline in Stuff read, “Tree planted for Royal baby, Neve”.

To celebrate the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, a tree was planted during Sunday’s Matariki celebrations. Also another tree was planted to celebrate Ardern’s daughter Neve’s, first birthday.


Why is the headline referring to Neve as a royal? Yes, there is a comma to suggest an “also” but clearly the headline says it all. I can’t recall that I have ever witnessed the blatant exploitation and unashamed promotion of the family of a sitting PM like this before. I can understand Ardern’s need to reflect the attention onto her family if only to camouflage her own incompetence but Stuff, by printing such a headline has clearly lost the plot.

Poor Neve is being used by the media as a convenient deflective shield, a convenient prop, which is designed to draw attention away from Ardern’s appalling leadership. Her daughter’s first birthday is not an event that the country needs to celebrate. The birth of the Queen’s great grand son is. How the hell did we arrive at the point where the media accord equal status to these separate events?

What a sick society we have become when we are being brainwashed into believing that these two events are significantly related. Stuff‘s headline is a lie but we have come to expect that and this is what really saddens me. RIP MSM honesty.

Cartoon Credit: SonovaMin