Driving a V8 Is Better Than a Hippiemobile Powered by Smug.

So JAG et al would like to punish people for driving evil polluting V8s by putting a new tax on muscle cars and a freebate on EVs.

News just in. Statistics show vehicles powered by Smug are 25% worse for the environment.

However your average enthusiast’s muscle car gets driven less than 5000 km per year and your average hippie’s electric/hybrid car gets driven maybe 20,000 km per year. And most smugmobiles still use some dead dinosaurs.

So 20,000 km at say 4 litres per 100 km = 800 litres of fossil fuel per year.

The V8 driven in the same manner should use around 12 litres of gas per 100 km, so about 600 litres per year.

So according to my very non-scientific figures, driving a V8 is roughly 25% better for the environment than a hippiemobile powered by smug.

Clearly drivers of smugmobiles need to get out of their cars and onto their bikes. If they don’t the world will disintegrate by 2030 at the absolute latest.

Come on smelly hippies, it’s up to you now.