Face of the Day

National MP Alfred Ngaro

National MP Alfred Ngaro says Israel Folau should have the freedom to express his religious beliefs.

[…] “Anyone should have the freedom to express their view, unless that view incites violence of harm to other people.”

[…] When asked if there should be a separation between church and state, Mr Ngaro said, “of course there are separations… but there should never be a separation between the values we take”.
“Why should those be Christian values?” Tame asked.
“They can be other values, those are just my values,” Mr Nagro said.
“What this nation needs is to acknowledge is we are under the auspice of a Christian set of values that is important to who we are as a democratic nation… The fact is we should be acknowledging that we have a Christian heritage, a Christian base and we shouldn’t be afraid of that.”

[…] On other issues, Mr Ngaro was against removing abortion from the Crimes Act and he said he does not believe that gender is non-binary.