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Farid Ahmed, whose wife Husna was killed at Masjid Al Noor in the March 15 mosque shootings.

Christchurch mosque shooting survivor Farid Ahmed has thanked President Trump for his leadership during a meeting at the White House.

[…] Farid Ahmed, whose wife Husna was killed at Masjid Al Noor in the March 15 shootings, was with a group of “survivors of religious persecution” invited to Washington.
In a video posted by the White House on YouTube, President Trump introduced and welcomed the “very important group of people”.

[…] “Mr President, thank you from New Zealand,” said Ahmed.
“Thank you for your leadership, standing up for humanity, standing up for religious groups and their rights and thank you for supporting us after the March 15 tragedy in Christchurch. God bless you, and God bless United States.”
Trump replied: “Thank you very much.
“You went through a lot. I know all about what happened and that was a terrible situation.”

[…] The 30-minute meeting today involved 27 survivors of religious persecution from around the world, including people from China, Myanmar, Iran, Turkey, and North Korea.

“I want a heart that will be full of love and care and full of mercy and will forgive lavishly. This heart doesn’t want any more lives to be lost,” he said.
“This heart doesn’t like that the pain I have gone through … that any human being should go through that kind of pain. That is why I have chosen peace, I have chosen love and I have forgiven.”

Ahmed’s wife Husna was killed on March 15 as she returned to the mosque to help her husband. He has been in a wheelchair since he was struck by a car driven by a drunk driver six years ago.
Husna had already helped get other women and children to safety.
She was shot from behind as she went to help her husband.

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