Giddy Schoolgirls Pretending to be Journalists

It’s no surprise that the media class live in an elite bubble. Like the rest of the political-cultural elite, the media keep themselves carefully isolated within the quinoa-proof fence that surrounds the inner cities and the hubs of taxpayer-funded sinecures. These globalist nomenklatura keep themselves as distant from the unwashed masses of the proletariat as the courtiers of the Sun King at Versailles.

Of course, the Australian media elite just love Jacinda Ardern. Naturally, they worked themselves into a taxpayer-funded frenzy, over at the “national broadcaster”.

It was a “Good Fawning” occasion on the ABC TV’s “Newspapers” segment on ABC TV’s News Breakfast this morning.

Co-presenter Virginia Trioli had done an interview with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern the previous evening at Melbourne Town Hall…[Kate Roffey]: Well the fabulous Jacinda Ardern is here on shore…She just is such a fabulous leader…she has done such a fabulous job of actually leading her country…

Get it? The “fabulous Jacinda Ardern” is a “fabulous leader” who is doing a “fabulous job”. Ms Roffey proffered another “fabulous” with respect to New Zealand’s prime minister — and Virginia Trioli and her fellow co-presenter Paul Kennedy seemed to concur.

ABC journalists prepare to interview Jacinda Ardern. Pic: Rick Madonik/Toronto Star.

If Oilers are done clutching their stomachs, they might want to remember that the Australian media by and large know absolutely nothing about New Zealand politics. Literally, all that they know is that Ardern is female and had a baby on the job and that she played dress-ups in the wake of a tragedy.

Sure, Ms Ardern did a very good job in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack which left 51 people dead and many others injured.

However, few want to talk about what the New Zealand government did not do in the lead up to the Christchurch mass murder on 15 March 2019.

Besides snoozing with their feet up on the desks with regard to national security, Ardern’s government also did not measure up to its own high-falutin’ rhetoric on refugees.

Jacinda Ardern formed a government after doing a deal with Winston Peters’ New Zealand First party. It’s fair to say that Winston Peters is the New Zealand equivalent of Pauline Hanson.

New Zealand accepts far fewer refugees and asylum seekers, on a per capita basis, than Australia.

I’d daresay, actually, that Oilers would far prefer Pauline to Winston.

But if that list of non-achievements seems generously short, bear in mind that “Kiwibuild”, “Provincial Growth Fund”, “Billion Trees” and “Capital Gains Tax” are phrases as alien to the Australian media as Sanksrit or Khoisan. The Australian media are so basically ignorant of New Zealand’s politics that they don’t even need a Memory Hole for anything that contradicts their glowing image of their political Barbie Doll.

Socialist Cindy doll. Photoshopped image credit: Luke

As an acquaintance who regularly visits NZ on business remarked to me recently, “The media here think everyone worships Jacinda Ardern. That’s not what I’m hearing when I go over there!”

What would he know, though? He’s just a scientist who doesn’t even have an Arts degree.