Government Witness Makes Bombshell admission in Tommy Robinson’s Trial

[…] Theresa May’s Attorney General is taking another run at Tommy for contempt of court, for his Facebook livestream last year.
Tommy took the witness stand today, and so did two court officers from the courthouse that day in Leeds last year. 
One of the witnesses was Michelle Dunderdale, who was the operations manager for the court. She admitted three stunning things today.
As you know, Tommy was accused of improperly talking about a rape gang trial that was subject to a publication ban. But under cross-examination by Tommy’s lawyer, Dunderdale admitted that on the day in question:

1. Court staff failed to publish any information about the public ban on the court’s in-house information system.

2. Court staff failed to put a notice of a publication ban on the courtroom door; and

3. Court staff failed to put the publication ban on the TV information screen in the court.

Dunderdale herself used that word “failure”. 

In my view, the Attorney General has no case. Tommy did not disrupt the trial that day — it concluded, and the rapists were convicted. The failure of the court staff to warn the public about the publication ban doesn’t even matter — Tommy didn’t reveal any details about the trial proceedings; and in fact, the trial was over, it was judgment day.
There’s no case here.

To make up for his lack of a case, the prosecutor grilled Tommy about being insensitive to the rapists as they walked into the courthouse! The Attorney General was acting like a knight in shining armour, coming to save the reputation of those poor rapists that Tommy had the audacity to talk to on the street!
Just incredible. 

Here’s one of my videos that I taped today outside the courthouse, over the lunch break:

Ezra Levant