Her Mission is to Bury Kiwibuild

Megan Woods has been tasked with burying Kiwibuild completely. Her job is to comprehensively destroy the programme so that its name is never mentioned ever again.

bury huckleberry hound GIF

This article by Shane Te Pou tells us where the policy on housing is likely to head.

Megan Woods has a chance to move away from KiwiBuild’s clumsy foray into the middle-class housing market towards workable, 21st century solutions […]
I have no reason to doubt Megan Woods’ capability or aptitude, but even an abundance of both won’t save KiwiBuild – a public policy disaster that threatens to define the coalition’s legacy.

[…] KiwiBuild was flawed from inception, sketched as a public relations stunt, and never properly thought through.
[…] Modular, flat-packed engineered timber buildings can be built faster, with fewer truck movements in urban areas, and are safer than steel and concrete buildings of the same size.

[…] There is obvious export potential for this kind of sustainable, low-cost alternative to traditional building methods.

[…] Iwi will be keen to leverage off this model and no doubt will be a key stakeholder.
This is the kind of innovative thinking we need to apply to the housing sector.
Rather than KiwiBuild’s clumsy foray into the middle-class housing market, low-cost sustainable housing promises to far more effectively address problems at both the supply and demand ends.


Our sources tell us that NZ First is quite happy to let Labour take the hit on the death of Kiwibuild as their view is that Labour should have ditched the policy during the negotiations by blaming it on MMP. Since they didn’t do that they now can cop the blame, fair and square.