Holy White Supremacists on a Pushbike Smoking Weed Batman

By George

Sometime ago Julie Anne Genter tweeted:

“Just sitting in parliament, crying as my friends Golriz Ghahraman and Chloes Warbrick give their first speeches as NZ Green MPs.”

Well, Julie, you and your aforementioned friends are continuing to make us cry with despair. Ghahraman has done all in her power to drive a wedge between fellow New Zealanders by suggesting that the country is festooned with white supremacists and Chloe Swarbrick thinks it’s a constructive idea to turn the country into a pothead’s paradise.

Green list MP Chloe Swarbrick

You, on the other hand, suggest, for some infantile reason, that riding a pushbike is a progressive endeavour to which we must all aspire.

Greem MP Julie Anne Genter and her PLASTIC helmet

Pray tell, what did you mean when you claimed in your maiden speech:

“Over and over again we see evidence that when small powerful groups have too much sway, it benefits no one.”

Were you referring to the Green Party? You are small considering 95% of the electorate don’t want a bar of you and, yes, you are powerful. The Green party is bedded into the trough of power with far too much sway and definitely, the Greens benefit no one. It appears that you talk the talk but bike the rest.

Then, were you serious when you continued, again in your maiden speech:

“We will all need to listen to one another. We will need to move past ideology and look beyond our prejudices”

Gosh, really? Then why are you and your deadbeat Green mates doing the exact opposite? I suggest you sack your speechwriter, then resign and take your hypocritical comrades with you.