How Much CO2 Did That Turbine Save?

Wind turbines create ‘clean’ energy and do not release evil CO2 or dirty carbon into the atmosphere. This, we are told, is a wonderful thing.

But what is the net CO2 output or saving when a wind turbine catches fire and burns 242 acres of brush and scrubland that was busily sequestering CO2 up until the turbine fire released it all back into the atmosphere? Not to mention the CO2 released from the burning turbine.

I don’t suppose anyone has done the maths, but what about all the precious bugs, beetles, butterflies, birds and other wildlife that are now toast? Will the Greens and PETA etc be launching lawsuits on behalf of these critters?

A southern Washington wildfire caused by melting sections of a wind turbine that fell to the ground after the turbine’s generator caught fire is 30% contained, officials said Monday morning.

The wildfire started Saturday and was previously reported to have grown to between 350 and 500 acres by that evening. Fire officials have revised that figure to 242 acres, citing more accurate mapping.

A small number of homes remain under level three — “go” — evacuations. None of them have been damaged in the blaze, dubbed the Juniper fire, and no one’s been hurt.

Oh, people’s homes and lives were endangered. Never mind, higher cause and all that, saving the planet – what ho!

The fire response unfolded after smoke was reported to be coming from the generator of a wind turbine south of Bickleton in Klickitat County on Saturday afternoon, according to a new release from Klickitat County Emergency Management.

Fire engulfed the turbine 300 feet above the ground, causing melted pieces to fall to the ground, igniting grass and brush, according to the release.

There were a couple flare-ups on the south end of the fire Sunday, officials said, and firefighters continued to battle hotspots Monday morning.

Watch it burn.