How to Lose the Provinces in One Easy Step

No amount of subsidy is going to make an electric vehicle able tow a boat, caravan or a horse float, but penalising ute owners in order to subsidise latte-sipping elites to buy expensive electric vehicles is a surefire way to lose the provinces.

The government’s proposed new feebate scheme will go down like a cup of cold sick with New Zealand’s rural sector. Kicking our food producers in the nads is one hell of a vote losing strategy.

[…] It’s a myth that modern SUVs are dirty compared with their passenger-car equivalents.

They used to be, but now most now share their engine technology and construction with normal road cars.
[…] Really tough, heavy and specialised SUVs do still exist – but they’re in the minority.

[…] What about utes? Yes, they are dirty by industry standards.

[…] Utes would be heavily penalised under a feebate scheme. Would that lead to an immediate change in buyer habits?
Unlikely. Those that need them for work will continue to buy them. Those that buy for emotional reasons are often still paying with a company chequebook. I think they call that “fee insensitive”. 


How typical of this government. They propose a scheme that will not only be ineffective at creating the change that they want; it will also have the bonus of losing them the provinces in one easy step. That’s what happens when you get in bed with the Green party.