I Left Facebook Yesterday & I Feel Great

I have been wanting to leave Facebook for ages but two things stopped me. Firstly, the fact that I had more than a decade’s worth of photos stored on it, and secondly, because I use it to communicate with people for work. Yesterday, however, my friend showed me how to quickly and easily get all my photos downloaded and saved to my external hard drive.

You can do it too. Just click here to be guided through the steps.

Ideally, I want to be off all social media as it is now being used to deplatform and censor conservative voices and to snitch on and dob in people for having the wrong opinions. In the UK, people are being criminalised, fined or imprisoned for liking a Facebook post or for posting something that someone else found offensive. That is CRAZY and it will happen in New Zealand quicker than you could imagine. In fact, it is already happening.

This kind of surveillance can only happen if I give up my privacy to social media companies in exchange for easy access to various online things. Well, yesterday I said, “no more”. Facebook doesn’t get to hoover up all my personal information anymore. They will no longer store information about me.

It feels great.