I Need a Lie Down – Wrongly Wrongson Has a Point

Surviving a terror attack and losing loved ones to a terror attack is hugely traumatic. Mental health support is as important as mending physical injuries. The families in Christchurch that have been affected by the terror attack have not been getting the support they need according to a post on the Daily Blog by our favourite leftie, Wrongly Wrongson.

He makes an interesting point about the MSD’s admission of ineffectiveness and points out the disparity between the money allocated to the gun buy-back and the money allocated to counselling for the victims.

…the reason why the ACC funded proposal was rejected was in favour of a much cheaper version run by MSD, despite MSD admitting that their toxic culture isn’t structured to actually help anyone…

MSD advice to Lees-Galloway, included in the April Cabinet paper, said it “does not consider that a payment through the welfare system … is a feasible option”. It added: “Design and approval processes would take time and it is questionable whether MSD could operationally deliver such support.”

…so MSD acknowledged that they are really just a stick to beat the vulnerable with and that actually being proactive and helping victims with mental anguish is the last thing they do.
It is shocking to think that while we will spend $208million on a gun buy back program, we won’t spend $35 million to heal the 364 people who directly needed counselling because it might set a precedence that ACC help others without physical injury.

That such a fear of precedence would trump our obligation to the survivors of the Christchurch atrocity is ugly.

The Daily Blog

The gun buy-back will not stop terrorism; it is pointless virtue signalling. Counselling, however, will make a tangible difference to the lives of people traumatised by terrorism. A truly ‘kind’ government would put the money where it can do the most good.