Idiot of the Week

A man was reported missing. The police went looking for him and found him….drum roll, please…

boom boom drums GIF by HiSmileTeeth
boom boom drums GIF by HiSmileTeeth

…in his hidden meth lab. D’oh…

Photo credit: NZ Police

The man’s family had told police the 52-year-old hadn’t been seen since going into the bush in Russell State Forest, Northland, last Wednesday night.
Search and Rescue and other specialist groups were called to the forest to try and locate the man […] and during the search, police found the man’s vehicle, before locating a Clandestine methamphetamine lab camouflaged in a hut in the forest.
He said the hut was well hidden, and had “clearly” been used to manufacture meth and other harmful drugs.

[…] “On Sunday, police located the 52-year-old man and he is assisting us with our inquiries into the Clandestine methamphetamine lab.”