Idiots to the Left of Me

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am Stuffed in the middle with you.

The only good thing about this latest piece of climate emergency idiocy is that the writer keeps talking about ‘global warming’.

The official figures say that the trend since December 1978 is 0.13C/decade. So in the four decades that the global warming scam has been running, the temperature has risen 0.52C.

This humungous rise in temperature is threatening our native birds.

Native birds are being forced to live in shrinking high-altitude habitats by the double whammy of a climate change “thermal squeeze” and marauding predators at lower levels.

The latest study by three Manaaki Whenua-Landcare Research scientists shows expanding populations of rats, stoats and possums in birds’ lower-level, warmer, environments, along with lowland forest loss, are effectively shrinking bird habitats to less ideal, higher-elevation and cold environments.

Using the findings of the New Zealand Ornithological Society’s bird atlases for the 1969-1979 and 1999-2004 periods, the researchers found the birds most endangered by the thermal squeeze are the larger bodied and often already rare species, such as kiwi, whio, weka and kakako. […]

Kiwi are found from Northland to Fiordland. Weka are found on Kawau Island in the north and Stewart Island in the south. Without access to detailed temperature records it would seem a safe bet that the typical temperatures in these places differ by more than 0.5C.

There are two factors mentioned. One, predators, is a real threat; the second, global warming (aka thermal squeeze) is a nonsense designed to get headlines and funding.

The answer is going to be predator management on a large scale.”

Forest & Bird spokesman Geoff Keey said the findings were bad news for forest birds, especially kiwi, kaka and whio.

“The situation is likely to worsen with climate change, which will reduce the extent of cooler refuges where predator numbers are lower for much of the time. […]


However, there is good news on the horizon. Even the great warmist, NASA, is agreeing that we are entering another period of cooling due to the solar cycles and sunspot activity. Temperatures a likely to be 1C cooler through the next cooling period until around 2050.

We can cross one concern off the list and just get on with predator control.