Is There a Democrat NOT Linked to Jeffrey Epstein?

It’s said that if the modern left didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any. One of the outstanding avatars of this truism is Democrat presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris.

Harris claimed to be a champion of the “#MeToo” movement against sexual harrassment but hid behind denial and obfuscation when it was revealed that one of her own advisors settled a sexual harassment suit for nearly half a million dollars.

She rails against gun ownership while owning guns herself. As Jim Goad noted, while accusing everyone else of racism, Harris selectively plays her own racial heritage for advantage: “Although she is half-black and half-Tamil Indian, I’ve never heard her say ‘I am a Tamil Indian and I am proud of it’, but just this year she said the same thing about being black”. In fact, to boost her intersectional cred, she lied about listening to rappers in college – none of whom had released music at the time.

But just as the revived Jeffrey Epstein scandal is sending Democrat rats scurrying for cover, Harris’s own towering hypocrisy is being exposed even further.

Kamala Harris railed against the law firm defending accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in a statement released last Tuesday.

But guess who she was taking money from?

Just hours before the statement was issued, Harris’ husband headlined a fundraiser for the California Democrat hosted by six partners at Kirkland & Ellis, the law firm defending Epstein, according to The Associated Press…An attorney for government watchdog Common Cause questioned Harris’ links to the firm.

“If any connection with Kirkland and Ellis is a stain on (senior Justice Department officials), why isn’t a connection with the law firm for the receipt of campaign contributions a stain on her own campaign?” Paul S. Ryan told The AP.

Epstein, of course, is the billionaire financier and convicted paedophile accused of procuring and abusing dozens of underage girls, particularly at his “paedophile island” private resort. Scores of celebrities and politicians are implicated in his sordid empire. Of course, as a New York hedge-fund manager, Epstein was inevitably going to be “connected” to all manner of business and political figures. Just being seen in Epstein’s company does not necessarily make anyone complicit in his misdeeds. But there’s a world of difference between being photographed together at some black-tie billionaire’s knees-up in New York, and being a frequent flyer on the private plane dubbed “The Lolita Express”.

Several politicians have issued statements publicly condemning the enigmatic financier. Meanwhile, the press has zeroed in on Epstein’s ties to high-profile politicos on both sides of the aisle.

Former President Bill Clinton and President Donald Trump both associated with Epstein in the past.

Last week, the New York Post revealed that Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer accepted thousands of dollars in donations from the convicted sex offender.

Again, that doesn’t implicate Schumer in anything other than taking cash off a dodgy businessman – something politicians do as a matter of course. But Harris is stunning in her hypocrisy: taking money from Epstein’s lawyers even as she rails against them.

Other Democrats, though, have a lot more to answer for.

Records obtained by Fox News in 2016 showed that Clinton took at least 26 trips aboard Epstein’s private jet, which the media has nicknamed the “Lolita Express.”

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s fromer girlfriend and alleged procurer and groomer of underage girls, at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. The Clintons have denied having a close relationship with Epstein.

The Clintons also invited Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of being Epstein’s “pimp” and chief procurer and groomer of underage girls, to their own daughter’s wedding.

Meanwhile, despite desperate attempts to pin Epstein’s sleazy doings on President Trump:

Bradley Edwards, an attorney for one of Epstein’s accusers, said in 2018 that Trump was particularly cooperative when Edwards was contacting individuals connected to Epstein in building his client’s case.

According to Edwards, Trump was “the only person who picked up the phone and said, ‘let’s just talk. I’ll give you as much time as you want.’”

Edwards added that Trump “gave no indication whatsoever that he was involved in anything untoward whatsoever, but had good information.”

Edwards has further stated, in court documents, that Trump banned Epstein from his Mar-A-Lago resort “because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club.”