Is Your Car Clean or Dirty?

Normally the answer to that question would revolve around whether you had been out playing in the mud with your 4×4 or the time elapsed since you last visited the carwash or got out the bucket and cloth.

But no, in the brave new world of climate idiocy, ‘dirty’ now refers to a colourless, odourless, harmless gas that feeds our economy by growing vegetation.

The Government has dirty cars in its sights and newly-released industry figures show that some of the most expensive motor vehicle brands available in New Zealand produce the most pollution.

The carbon dioxide emissions of all car brands sold in New Zealand in 2018 have been revealed by the Motor Industry Association, with luxury marque Rolls-Royce topping the list with an average of 326 grams of CO2 per kilometre travelled.

That’s more than double our cleanest fossil-fuelled brand, with cars from French manufacturer Citroen averaging 122g per km.

Brands that typically sell cars – or vans – with bigger engines rank further up the average emissions list.

Flat at the bottom of the list, however, is US electric car maker Tesla whose cars all run solely on electricity and don’t produce carbon emissions.

Other luxury brands are big emitters too, with McLaren, Bentley and Ferrari all averaging over 200g per km.

Lamborghini sits behind Rolls-Royce with 316g per km.

It should come as no surprise that most of the biggest emitters are brands noted for their big-engined sports cars and it’s important to note that they make up a small fraction of our national fleet. […]

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CO2 is not, and never has been, a pollutant.

CO2 is not, and never has been, ‘dirty’.

You cannot find an image of CO2 online, so they have to photoshop it in using water vapour (aka clouds):

The real pollution from cars, the real dirt, comes from small particulate matter generated by the brake pads and tyres. Last I checked the ‘clean’ EV cars also had tyres and brakes.

Next years’ EVs will probably build on the Marty McFly Hoverboard concept to ensure that they are truly clean. Obviously they will, first, need to resolve the patent dispute with the Jetson SpaceCar Company.