It’s Not Racist if You’re a ‘POC’

Former Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane is a veritable bloodhound when it comes to sniffing out racism wherever it doesn’t exist. Such is ol’ Soupy’s acumen for uncovering even the slightest whiff of racism, he confidently declared that it was a sign of Australia’s indelible racism that flight attendants sometimes had trouble pronouncing his name, on his endless, taxpayer-funded business-class jaunts.

But nothing gets Mr Soupinacan’s anti-racist blood boiling like the unforgivable hate crime of some drunk bogan on public transport getting a bit mouthy at someone with a slightly dusky complexion.

Unless, of course, said drunk racist has a bit of tan, themselves. Then, Timbo slinks off in silence.

When a flight attendant told the intoxicated [Australian model Adau] Mornyang to stop yelling, she replied she did not care as she was a “strong black woman”. She also hurled abuse such as “f..king white trash bitch” and “white-ass bitch”. When she was refused alcohol service, she slapped a flight attendant in the face and kicked an air marshal in the chest, resulting in officials handcuffing her.

In March a Californian jury found the 2017 Miss World Australia finalist guilty of a felony charge of interference with a flight crew member and a misdemeanour assault. The maximum penalty is 21 years jail and the prosecution sought a term of imprisonment; however, when sentenced this week she received only a $2840 fine, which was waived, and 100 hours of community service, which she is unlikely to perform as she is to be deported. The judge also noted in mitigation Mornyang’s traumatic background, including that she was a child refugee from South Sudan.

It’s amazing how easy it is to skip on a hate-crime when you’re the right colour. Just ask Jussie Smollett or Erica Thomas.

It was a remarkably lenient sentence. Likewise, her racially vilifying white people has not attracted the usual “hate crime” label that one would expect to see if the races were reversed. Amazingly she also seems to have escaped the opprobrium of progressive commentators. Fair enough too. I mean it’s not as if she committed a heinous crime like say white university students protesting at being told to leave an “indigenous-only” computer lab, or an artist who caused offence by depicting the stark reality of many outback indigenous families.

In fact, it’s the black racist who’s the “real” victim, here.

When a flight attendant tried to calm her, she accused him of being racist “because he was not talking [like that] to any of the white passengers”. That could be to do with the fact the other passengers, white and otherwise, were not engaging in a drunken foul-mouth tirade, but that’s oppression narrative for you…

It is not the first time Mornyang has claimed racism. Last month A Current Affair revealed footage of the model stating prior to the plane incident: “When I walk down the street … people see that I’m Sudanese and automatically assume that I’m a criminal.”

And now, as we see, you’ve got the criminal record to prove them right.