It’s Not White Privilege

By Michael

A white guy and a black guy are standing on a public footpath. Neither is saying or doing anything. A cop pulls up.
He ignores the white guy and, for no apparent reason, gives the black guy the third degree. He demands to know what the black guy is up to, where he’s going, where he lives, etc.
An example of white privilege? No, it is not.

The law is clear. Anyone who is standing on a public footpath and not breaking the law, should not be harassed by the police. They have that right no matter what their skin colour is.

The white guy is not having his rights violated, but the black guy is.
The white guy is not privileged because his rights have not been infringed upon. The black guy is discriminated against because his rights have been infringed upon.

A privilege is a benefit given to someone who doesn’t have it by right.
Both men have the right to be secure in their persons, and free from harassment.
The white guy is not enjoying a privilege, he’s secure in his rights.
The black guy is being oppressed and is being denied his.
You don’t enjoy privilege, if you get what is yours by right. Regardless of skin tone.