It’s OK to be Jewish

It might seem odd that the modern left is, all at the same time, resolutely determined to magically reclassify a religion as a race, another race as a religion, and yet argue that race doesn’t even exist.

The left insist that Islam is a race, at the same time they insist that Jewishness is merely a question of religion.

But if you insist that Jewishness is defined by an adherence to Judaism, kindly explain why Jews are the least religious group worldwide and why only a quarter of American Jews with college degrees say they believe in God.

If you wish to step away from a strictly religious explanation of what it means to be Jewish and say it’s “cultural”…if you think that race is a fiction and culture is nothing more than a superficial fashion choice, do you honestly think that placing a Somalian in a kilt and feeding him haggis makes him Scottish? Was “culture” magically able to turn Rachel Dolezal black?

Verily, as Orwell said, “one has to belong to the ‘intelligentsia’ to believe such a thing”. No one could possibly be so stupid as to believe such nonsense without the benefit of a “modern educayshun”, as comedian Neel Kolhatkar dubs it.

But the Gordian knot is effortlessly severed the instant you realise that all of this makes perfect sense when viewed through the prism of the modern leftist academic’s foremost obsession: power.

The left insist that Islam, a religion, is a “race”, because that licenses them to demonise all criticism of Islam as “racism” (the fact that the left despise Christianity, even as the world’s biggest religion increasingly moves south and acquires a distinct tan, is conveniently ignored). “Racism” being the left’s favourite brickbat, it’s all about weaponising blatant nonsense in the name of political power.

This is the same reason for the left’s insistence that Jewishness is religious rather than ethnic. Anti-Semitism is rapidly becoming an article of faith for the modern left, from the odious Corbyn to the “hijabi-Barbies” of the Democrats. But the left’s entire self-image is built on the self-delusion that they are non-racist by definition.

To escape the conundrum of hating a group defined by race is to pretend that they’re not a race at all, but a religion. As every leftist knows, religion is fair game (unless it’s a religion that’s been conveniently reclassified as a race – see above).

If you believe that being Jewish is simply a matter of religion, I’d be curious to hear if you also believe that Tay-Sachs Disease and Gaucher Disease simply hang around synagogues waiting to strike their victims.

Those aforementioned ailments specifically affect Ashkenazi Jews…Being “genetically Jewish” means that a DNA test found markers that links you ancestrally to Ashkenazim, Sephardim, or Mizrahim. And no, you cannot prove religious identity scientifically, because unlike race, religiosity is merely a social construct.

Of course race is real – and that’s the left’s big problem. The modern left inhabits the free-floating, brain-numbing Marxist intellectual sludge of post-modernism and “critical theory”, which insist that nothing is true (a gold star to the primary school kids who can spot the immediate problem there). Once you start dealing in empirically-demonstrable realities like race and DNA, the whole edifice of Marxist power wobbles and collapses.

Acknowledging the reality of race is not, as the reality-denying left seem to believe, inherently “racist”. Facts are not normative. Acknowledging that Jews, Germans, French, or Aboriginals exist doesn’t automatically mean that everyone else has to hate them.

As heretical as the notion seems, merely believing that race is rooted in biology doesn’t automatically lead to 70-85 million deaths. I’ve believed that race is real for over a quarter century and never wanted to kill anyone over it, and I’m known for having a bit of a temper. As always, it’s people who can’t handle mere opposing ideas who see fit to blindly lead the world headlong into bloodshed.

Racism – it’s ok when they do it.

In fact, denying the racial reality of Jewishness is exactly how the left license themselves to hate Jews. It’s not “racist”, so it’s apparently okay.