Jacinda’s Finger-Wagging Falls on Deaf Australian Ears

Jacinda Ardern’s brief visit to Australia might have steamed up the knickers of the media-elite, but she had rather less success in winning over either side of Australian politics. Ardern’s self-righteous parroting of right-on open borders nonsense plays well to the media peanut gallery, but even Australian Labor is waking up to the fact that the public are persisting with their shocking habit of disagreeing with their betters on the left.

Ardern’s pontificating and finger-wagging on open borders couldn’t have been more ill-timed. Labor just lost an election in part due to their weak, Merkel-lite, border protection policies. The very week that Ardern flew in, Australia’s parliament is debating even stronger border protection.

The government will put a foreign fighters bill before the Senate this week in a bid to stop terrorists returni­ng to the country. The news came as New Zealand Prime Ministe­r Jacinda Ardern renewed criticism of Australia’s tough border­ security policy.

As I wrote earlier, both sides of politics explicitly rejected Ardern’s hectoring. Labor are set to back the government’s new border security arrangements. Still, Ardern has plenty of lickspittle fans on the left of politics.

Ardern approaches border securit­y like many left-wing politic­ians in Western countries. She exhorts laxity as an inherent virtue in relation to border policy, but fails to explain how welcoming people who reject liberty and formal­ equality demonstrates compassion to free-world citizens.

Her expectation that another country should deal with New Zealand criminals is also typical of open-border backers, who commonly shift the blame for failed citiz­ens from their countries and communities of origin to the West.

That mindset is a particular threat at a time when thousands of battle-hardened jihadis are slithering back to the West, in the wake of the destruction of Islamic State’s caliphate.

The public woke up to the real threat of transnational jihad and weak borders long before the polit­ical-media class. They voted to ­secure borders, tighten immigra­tion criteria and reform national security laws to prevent people who reject the Western way of life being granted visas…Australian voters care little for the distant chorus of tut-tutting globalist elites. They have re-elect­ed the government committed to doing whatever it takes to keep Australians safe.

Which makes Ardern’s posturing and pontificating while in Australia particularly tin-eared.

Ardern must know she is on a hiding to nothing when she criticises Australian border security. Yet she persists in her futile endeavou­r to shame the government into keeping Kiwi criminals.

Like many leftists, Ardern exhorts a compassionate approach to borders without quantifying the benefits to law-abiding citizens. In 2017…she offered to take asylum-seekers from Australia’s offshore immigration centres…

“Compassionate” is a typically vague, subjective notion, on which leftists assume that their particular prejudices are the only good and moral option. But the depth of their “compassion” can be easily gauged by their reluctance to personally make good on their open-borders sermonising.

Since then, Ardern has adopted a less self-righteous approach to the asylum-seeker issue. Earlier this year…senior departmental officials from New Zealand told Australian counterparts that NZ was not willing to resettle single men on Manus Island who were seeking asylum.

The Ardern government put spin on the leaked information. A spokeswoman said: “Our consistent position is a preference (for) or a prioritising of women and children, so that does not exclude men.”

Well, that’s very convenient, considering that the majority of those still in offshore detention are single men. Who are in detention for very good reasons.

There is a reason that Western governments might not favour the mass intake of men from Islamist states.

In the 21st century, the vast majority of terror­ist attacks on Westerners have been committed by Islamists, many of whom were first- or second­-generation immig­rants. And there is increasing evidence of sexual assault by young migrants from cultures with deeply ingrained hostility towards Western women…“All white women are only good for one thing — for men like me to f..k and use like trash.’’

Migrant crimes are often omitted from border security conversations, but they should be brought to bear on consideration of who we let into Australia.


And who we kick out. “Corrosive” or not.