Jeremy Hunt Speaks with Forked Tongue

Behold: the snake speaks! Isn’t it amazing how the creature finds a voice for Christians in perfect timing for his run at the role of prime minister?

“The report highlights the shocking impunity with which discriminatory laws, fear and violence are used by state and non-state actors to discriminate appallingly against Christians in countries across the world.”

“I am not convinced that our efforts on behalf of Christians have always matched the scale of the problem, or indeed have reflected the evidence that it is Christians who frequently endure the heaviest burden of persecution. Indeed around the world, Christians are believed to be targets of about 80% of all acts of religious discrimination or persecution.”

“Perhaps because of a misguided political correctness – or an instinctive reluctance to talk about religion – British governments have not always grappled with this problem.”

No kidding, Jeremy.

When I became Foreign Secretary, I learned that almost a quarter of a billion Christians were still enduring persecution around the world. The evidence shows sadly that the situation is becoming worse. The number of countries where Christians suffer because of their faith rose from 128 in 2015 to 144 a year later. In the Middle East, the very survival of Christianity as a living religion is in doubt.”

That’s terrible; Jeremy. So, pray tell, what did you do about it?

In my first weeks as Foreign Secretary, I prioritised the plight of the Rohingya Muslims […]”

On the plight of London’s Christian street-preachers Jeremy is curiously quiet:

I apologise; I said Jeremy was a snake, but he’s not. He’s a weasel.