Judge Apologises to Transgender Paedophile

If transgenderism were only about slightly eccentric blokes wanting to dress up as women – what in a more enlightened age was called transvestism – or the odd troubled soul convinced that they’re mentally the opposite sex, born into the “wrong” body (transsexualism), hardly anyone would care.

But transgenderism, an altogether different beast than either transvestism or transsexualism (”trans” activists have viciously attacked transsexuals who have dared criticise transgenderism), is encumbered with a raft of ideological assumptions which are nonsensical at best, and often dangerous. Especially to women and children.

Not least worrisome is the disturbing undercurrent of paedophilia that seems to slither through the transgender movement. Several “drag queen story hour” activists have been exposed for having paedophilia convictions. Now, in yet another Clown World moment, a judge in Britain – where Tommy Robinson is being jailed for reporting on child rape gangs – has apologised to yet another transgender paedophile.

An English judge on Monday struck an apologetic note during a sentencing hearing for a transgender woman charged with downloading or creating over 1,000 images of child porn .

Kelson expressed sympathy for Prince having already waited so long to face justice, saying it must have been “torture”…The judge asked for Kelson’s understanding while he made her wait just a little longer.

“I know this is four more difficult days for you, but I hope you understand why I’m doing this,” he said.

“Torture” might more adequately describe the suffering endured by Prince’s victims.

At an earlier hearing, Prince, whose legal first name is still Anthony, pleaded guilty to charges of making indecent images of children, possession of prohibited images of children, and possession of extreme pornographic images…Analysis of Prince’s devices revealed that they contained 1,191 pornographic images of children between the ages of 5 and 13. Over 100 of the images were classified as “Category A,” which is the most serious legal category in the United Kingdom and is reserved for content that shows children being raped.

But, as invariably seems to be the case in Clown World, the offender is posing as the “real victim”.

Ian Goldsack, an attorney for Prince, told the court that his client suffered from mental illness as a result of having been abused as a child.

Justice, instead of being blind, seems to have a distinct short-sightedness, depending on where the criminal sits on the “Intersectional Totem Pole”.

In the United States and elsewhere, women often get off with much lighter sentences than men for the same crimes. According to a University of Michigan study,” men receive 63% longer sentences on average than women do” and “women are twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.”

However, it is not clear that the trend would extend to transgender women.


If Judge Kelson’s grovelling apology to this cross-dressing kiddy-fiddler is anything to go by, future rockspiders would be well advised to put on a skirt and a bit of lippy for their day in court. In fact, if the lenient treatment meted out to “transgender” rapists is anything to go by, they might even be “punished” with community service in a local childcare centre.