Just me & you: This special meat box is just for two

It Feeds Two.

The fans spoke and we listened: This special meat box has been designed especially for couples

We know that Whale Meat Company fans are fabulous people and that they know quality meat when they taste it.

One further thing we know is that many of our customers cater for only two at home.

Here at the Whale Meat Company, you are free to identify however you like and with whatever acronym you like…

  • Dinkies (double income no kids couple)
  • Sinkies (single income)
  • Rinkies (retired income)

No matter how you identify the Feeds Two Restaurant quality meat is just right for you.

The Feeds Two is meat packed in twos just for youse! This means that you get this cornucopia of restaurant quality meat:

  • Prime Mince (500g)
  • Rump steak (2 pieces x 250g)
  • Sirloin steak (2 pieces x 250g)
  • Scotch fillet (2 pieces x 250g)
  • Streaky bacon (500g)
  • Eye bacon (500g)
  • Ham steaks (4 pieces x 125g)

Top quality, delicious steaks, for you to carnivorously consume. All your steak is aged for at least 21 days. It is vacuum packed for two so you can freeze them, or alternatively, you can keep them in the fridge until needed. The steak has at least a week shelf life chilled in the vac pack.

Feeds Two – choice and convenience for dedicated Whale Meat Company couples. What more could you want? Bacon.

You also get the bacon you need to lift your weekend breakfast to new levels of deliciousness!

If you want to feed two buy the Feeds Two meat box NOW

Enjoy Restaurant quality meat at home.

It’s a treat that you both deserve.