Keystone Cops Bungle Again

I love the New Zealand police I really do and I have great respect for them as a whole. However, there have been a few bungles of note lately that have revealed that not everything is shipshape and Bristol fashion in cop world.

Police are condemning the release of footage showing a crash on Auckland’s southern motorway this morning.
The footage was “disclosed outside of police without authority,” Superintendent Karyn Malthus, Auckland City District Commander, said. 
Supt Malthus said police have launched an investigation into how the footage was made public, and an employment investigation has commenced.
“Police take these matters seriously and we are disappointed at what occurred this morning.”[…]


Is anyone starting to see a pattern here? First, they lost 11 guns from a Palmy police station which was then revealed to be only 9 because they forgot that they handed back two already due to confusion over the paperwork.
Then they permanently lost the guns of a FAL holder in Auckland, yes, gone forever, with no paperwork to enable them to track them down.

Next, it is revealed that they can’t even keep their own motorway camera footage secure. If our very own Keystone Cops can’t even keep their own camera footage private…how on earth are they going to keep gun owners details private?

Does anyone seriously think that they will be able to manage and protect the privacy of individuals on a National Gun register? Anyone?…not you Mr Nash, sit down, anyone else?

A National Gun register will be at serious risk of becoming a convenient shopping list for criminals who will be able to burgle to order, knowing exactly what they can steal at each address.

Any information stored online is at risk of hacking. We were hacked and the police were unable to catch the hacker. The fact that their own motorway camera footage was disclosed to the media without authority shows just how easy it is for information stored online to be leaked or stolen.

The Superintendent is disappointed to learn that crash footage was given to the media without authorisation.