Let’s Play a Google Game

From the very beginning, Google adopted as its corporate motto and code of conduct the phrase “Don’t be evil.” Back then, it was a phrase that embodied what Google’s founders stood for. They have, in more recent times, removed that pledge which is not surprising given how they have been exposed by Project Veritas for planning to influence the next American election against President Trump. They have also been exposed for skewing the public’s search results.

If you had any doubt remaining that Google has lost its moral compass and also its grasp on reality play this little Google game with me.

Type the following into Google:

Men can

What happens when you type “Men Can” into a Google search

Wait one cotton picking minute! Back up the truck! Men can have babies now?

Google’s “featured snippet” for the question “Can men get pregnant?” is an excerpt from a Healthline.com article that reads: “Yes, it’s possible for men to become pregnant and give birth to children of their own.”